The People’s History of Silicon Valley

This newsletter looks at the true history of Silicon Valley. Silicon Valley (Santa Clara County) was home to centuries of concentration camps, slavery, and genocide before it transitioned into Defense Valley, featuring eugenics, nuclear weapons, racial segregation, and some of the most extreme income inequality in the world. Subscribe to follow my research, and my promotion of other scholar’s research, about the true history of this area.

As Michael Anton once put it:

“The founding of California was an adventure, an epic, a tragicomedy, a conquest, and a window into America’s soul. Philosophers have long extrapolated from existing states, of whose origins the precise details are lost, just how political life comes into being. In California, there is no need to speculate. It happened only yesterday, every noble act and sordid deed alike recorded. From its beginnings, though, American California has always been a forward-looking place; the past holds little interest unless it can promise some future good. Yet the ascent to who we want to be must begin from knowing who we are—and how we got that way.”

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The true history of Silicon Valley (Santa Clara County). Spoiler alert: It's not orchards.


Ashley M. Gjøvik
Corporate dissident fighting Megacorps to prevent the dystopian future. Public international law & human rights lawyer.